Monitor your home and business

Burglar Alarm Systems, High end CCTV products with Ai based VMS and Biometric base Access Control Ssytems.

Finger Print

NEMS LLC provides complete security solutions for residential,  corporate, commercial and industrial installations

24/7 Support

Our well experienced support team is ready address all your challenges and requirements.

Notification Alert

The entire solutions can be locally and remotely manageable can be monitored.

Access Control

Card, Code, Biometric, Smart device based Access Control System enable our customers both protection nd operation as per safely.

Rapid Response

Alerts can be send to various monitoring stations for quick response in addition to local security operators

Physical Protection

Perimeter detection, access control and CCTV system will assure your s are protected.

Installation of the object before setting the alarm

At a convenient time for you, our specialist travels to the object to form the terms of reference for the surveillance system, in appearance wishes equipment

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24/7 Monitoring

Our company has all the necessary permits to conduct the installation of security systems operations and engineering staff regularly undergo training and certification of equipment manufacturers.

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Quickly At Any Point

Our support teams are available at various locations to meet the customer's need and attend the calls.

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Experts Level of Service

Our specialists have a service warranty and service the equipment purchased, as well as amenities such as free phone service customer support. Given the experience of our experts, you can be sure of a professional surveillance and/or security systems.

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CCTV Surveillance System
finger print door access

Finger print door access systems are available. Both networked and standalone readers. Code or card can be used as imput the credentials.

home automation system

Home automation products for any sizable building. Customer can monitor and control the entire systems rmolely.

Remote monitoring

Monitor and control using any Smart devices remotely. Events are send using various communication protocols. System will support multiple monitoring.

Unbelievable Result
hardware never fails!

Many of the products with redundant technology and designed for work in challenging environment.

leading by innovation!

Most of the industry brings new technology and solutions, we adapt the best available systems.

always reliable installation

Our team adapt the most updated industry standards and tolls for their day to day works. We make sure that all  tools are maintained.

Commonly Asked FAQ's ?
Why CCTV Secure ?

What you see you believe. Many software solutions are available based on CCTV cameras. Advanced security features are implemented in VMS solutions. Many AI based applications are based on CCTV.

How Will bighost Beneficary?

CCTV systems can be used for various installations. Many automation can be realized through a proper CCTV system. This will ease many daily life in public

What is the Process?

Our company provides quality products and services. You just need to contact us and we there to help you.